16 May 2010

Five Questions with Riley Holzapfel

Photo by Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves

Center Riley Holzapfel answers five questions for chicagowolves.com.


Nickname: Holzy

01Why do you wear the number that you do?
No reason, first year pro didn’t have much of a choice and had #9 given to me, I used to wear #21 all through juniors but am liking 9 as well.

02Do you have any tattoos? If so, what?
Yes I have one on my back shoulder blade. (hockey tattoo)

03Do you have all your teeth? If not, how many? When did you lose your first one?
Im lucky so far, I still have all my teeth. I have chipped several before and had them fixed.

04 What is your most memorable goal or save?
Scoring my first professional hockey goal with the Chicago Wolves.

05 What is your geekiest possession?
Must admit I have a few books and an XBOX.